Online Script Management

The following terms apply to your use of the Online Script Management Service (“Service”). These terms are additional to the Website terms on (“Website”) and the Clicks App (“App”) which also apply. If you have any questions concerning the Service, please contact us on 0860-254-257 or

The medication ordered through the Service will fall under the authority of the responsible pharmacist of the dispensing pharmacy selected by you during the ordering phase. All dispensing pharmacies are operated in compliance with all relevant legislation and related regulations.

Medicines ordered using the Service are for collection only to enable face-to-face counselling of the patient by a pharmacist. Medicines will not be delivered.

In order to collect your medicine, you must produce the original prescription at the dispensing pharmacy upon collection of the medicine. Only the prescriptions of persons authorised to prescribe in South Africa will be dispensed. Prescriptions may not be older than 30 days from date of issue for one time prescriptions or where repeat medication is indicated on the prescription then the prescription must not be older than 6 months from date of issue.

The fees for medicines on the App/Website is in compliance with all regulations and rules regarding the transparent pricing system for medicines and scheduled substances, the advertising of medicine and the services for which a pharmacist may levy a fee and guidelines for levying such fees. Please note that prices may differ when medicine is claimed from your medical aid.

Age restrictions and prescriptions for person other than yourself

If the prescription is for a person other than yourself, you will need to have authority of the person whose prescription is to have it dispensed by us. By placing an order to dispense another person’s prescription you confirm that you have their authority to do so.

A legal guardian may order repeats for those persons who are under their care and who are below the age of 18


Registration for the service will take place on the App/Website. Please refer to the FAQs on the Website for more information on registration.

Once you have registered and selected your dispensing pharmacy, the following details will be supplied to you electronically via email:

  1. Details of the prescription ordered;
  2. The reference number for your order;
  3. The physical address of the dispensing pharmacy;
  4. Telephone numbers to contact the dispensing pharmacy;

Only 1 month supply will be dispensed for repeat or chronic prescriptions.

Each prescription is professionally assessed by a pharmacist. You will then receive an SMS notification that your medication is ready for collection at your dispensing pharmacy.


When collecting your medication please ensure that you provide the pharmacy with the original prescription. The pharmacist at the dispensing pharmacy will provide information and instructions to ensure the safe and effective use of medicine. You must check the items dispensed to you carefully and promptly upon receipt. If you believe there may have been a dispensing error, please contact the dispensing pharmacy immediately. Do not take any medication that appears to have been tampered with or which may have been dispensed in error. Not all products are suitable for all medical ailments and occasionally, their use may interfere with any treatment you are receiving or aggravate a condition. Please consult with your Doctor before using any medicine.


Payment for medication will be processed in-store when collecting your medication.

Returns or Cancellations

According to the Medicines and Related Substance Act, NO MEDICINES ARE RETURNABLE FOR CREDIT. The ruling has been made for Health and Safety reasons and is in your best interests. Clicks can face criminal prosecution if this law is not complied with. Orders are subject to availability of the medicine. Special order medicines cannot be cancelled. Clicks reserves the right to cancel an order for which payment has already been received from your medical aid. This may occur if the dispensing pharmacy does not stock a specific medicine or the stock is insufficient. Should Clicks exercise this right, Clicks will reverse the funds to your medical aid.


Nothing contained in the App/Website should be construed as medical, commercial or other professional advice. Detailed professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action based on any of the information or material contained in the App/Website or any communications provided to you as a result of your registration.

Clicks makes no claims or representations that any or all of the content of the App/Website may be lawfully viewed or downloaded outside of the Republic of South Africa, and unless otherwise specifically stated , the content of the App/Website is directed solely at users who access the App/Website from the Republic of South Africa.